Botox by the Decade

A woman will start to notice small signs of aging in her thirties. The fine lines at the corners of the mouth, the wrinkles on the forehead and the crow’s feet at the edge of the eyes. At the sight of these mocking signs, women look to anti-aging regimens to keep a youthful glow. Here is a decade-by decade guide from Dr. Marcelo Antunes on the best ways to appear younger.

  • 20s and 30s– Women should look into anti-aging products and promote basic skincare. Keeping the face moisturized and using sun protection slows down aging. Some woman choose early “prejuvenation”, where one starts Botox procedures before they start seeing signs of aging.
  • Late 30sBotox is generally started at this age to keep future wrinkles and lines from emerging.
  • 40s– Along with basic skincare, anti-aging products and Botox, Chemical Facial Peels are recommended for continued youthful look.
  • Late 40sFillers are added along with Botox to fill in lines. Skin care and sun protection continues.
  • 50s and 60s– At this point if a participant wants more done, Cosmetic Surgery is the next step. If not, a woman can continue her regimen on Botox, Fillers and other non-surgical procedures.

A woman can start at their own pace with natural preventative measures such as not smoking, using basic skin care and keep overall good health. The earlier one starts Botox, the better the body responds to the facial change. Once started, a woman can continue the procedures periodically if they so desire or stop without any negative side effects. The procedure only turns back the clock, it doesn’t keep it from moving forward.