Chin Implant

Chin ImplantWhat is Chin Augmentation?

A procedure usually performed with the placement of a chin implant. This helps achieve a natural balance among the facial features – creating a more symmetrical, attractive appearance.

Why Chin Augmentation?

An underdeveloped chin is rarely recognized by a patient. Some features of the face can be too prominent or, as in the case of a weak chin, not prominent enough. A weak chin can give the perception of a larger nose or a shorter neckline, and particularly in males, a false impression of timidity or vulnerability.

By augmenting the chin, our physicians can give overall facial balance by improving proportions of the face and accentuating the jawline. In men, it can give a stronger, more commanding appearance to better reflect their confidence and energy level, especially as it pertains to their career or personal pursuits. In women the chin should be more delicate to help define their jawline and provide balance with the nose and neck.

Procedure and Results

The placement of a chin implant can be one of the most subtle, gratifying procedures in facial plastic surgery. It can be done as an isolated procedure or, more commonly, in combination with other procedures such as rhinoplasty, neck liposuction or face/neck lift.

The procedure is performed through an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. A pocket is created for the implant, which is then positioned in front of the jawbone. The implant is secured with sutures, and the procedure is completed.

The materials used to create your chin augmentation will include cutting edge, preformed silastic implants or mesh (a gauze-like material that can be customized for each individual). All implant materials used in our practice have a very low rejection rate and are chosen specifically for their reliability, functional integrity and ease of integration into the body.

  • Bandage & Suture Removal 6 Days
  • Swelling Subsides 1 Week
  • Return to Work 2 Weeks
  • 75% Visible Result 2-3 Weeks
  • 100% Visible Result 2-3 Months

The procedure usually takes 1 hour and can be performed at Northwest ENT Surgery Center. A combination of local anesthesia and sedation is most often used, although it can be performed under general anesthesia. Most patients return to work in 1 week and are back to full physical activities in 2 weeks.