Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

OtoplastyWhat is an Otoplasty?

A procedure performed to correct prominent ears.

Why Otoplasty?

Ears should naturally lay close to the head – outlining and creating symmetry to the entire face. Patients commonly seek otoplasty because they feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or self-conscious about the appearance of their ears. Children are often teased and bullied while adults find it difficult to feel attractive or confident.

The otoplasty procedure can reshape the ears to a normal and natural contour. It is a very safe and effective way of correcting abnormalities in children and adults. Reasons that patients seek out this procedure include:

  • To set prominent ears back closer to the head
  • To reshape the intricate curves of ear cartilage
  • To reduce the size of large ears

Procedure and Results

Our physicians believe that achieving a normal relationship between the head and ear is of utmost importance. During the procedure, they hide incisions behind the ear, use sutures to re-shape and enforce, and remove a small portion of cartilage if necessary.

Patients return home with a head bandage to protect the ears. This bandage is replaced on the following day by an elastic headband.

  • Swelling Subsides 5-7 Days
  • Suture Removal (if needed) 1 Week
  • Return to Normal Activity 1 Week
  • Return to Physical Activities 2-3 Weeks
  • Contact Sports 6 Weeks (minimum)
  • 75% Visible Result 3 Weeks
  • 100% Visible Result 4-6 Months

When properly performed, otoplasty is a great procedure that restores confidence and increases self-esteem. The procedure usually takes 1-1.5 hours and can be performed at Northwest ENT Surgery Center. A combination of local anesthesia and sedation is most often used for adults while general anesthesia is administered to children. Most patients return to work in 1 week and resume physical activities in 2-3 weeks.