JuvedermJuvederm® is an injectable, gel-based filler made of a hyaluronic acid. This acid is a natural substance found in all species that attracts and binds to water molecules, creating a plumped appearance. Extremely safe to use, it can improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, folds, lines, acne scars, enhance the lips, and contour facial features like the chin and cheeks. Hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body as a source of skin’s fullness and volume.

Juvederm® injection is performed in the office through fine needles and cannulas. Depending on the area being treated, the procedure can take 10-30 minutes to complete. Depending on the patient’s preference, a topical anesthetic or a selective nerve block may be administered for the patient’s comfort before injecting Juvederm® into the skin. The results from a Juvederm® injection are very natural and long-lasting, with the effect remaining for six months or longer. It is an effective filler that can be used for all skin types and colors and does not require prior testing.

Juvederm® is extremely safe with very few side effects. Some patients may have a small bruise, but the use of cannulas will significantly decrease the chances of this happening. Patients can also experience some redness and mild swelling at the injection site. Nevertheless, the patient can apply make-up right after the procedure, and work and other normal activities can be promptly resumed.