Facial Fractures

Facial Reconstruction

If you have experienced an injury such as a facial fracture, facial laceration or traumatic injury that resulted in distortion or disfigurement of your features, it is important to consult experts in facial reconstruction to restore your appearance.

Northwest Facial Aesthetic Center offers treatment options for patients who have had the following injuries or concerns:

  • Nasal fractures
  • Fractures of the bones around the eyes (orbital fractures)
  • Disfigured or deformed facial bones or other tissues
  • Fractures of the cheekbone (midface and zygomatic arch fractures)
  • Fractures to the forehead (frontal sinus fractures)

Consultation and Procedure

Our physicians are able to perform a number of surgical procedures and techniques designed to address your facial injury. These types of aesthetic reconstructions are not a “one size fits all” and there is a wide array of procedures that are performed depending on the location, extent and severity of the trauma. A physician will discuss the options for repair with you, and work with you to formulate a customized surgical plan.

The length of your recovery period and the specific aftercare you require following surgery will depend very much on the type of facial trauma you experienced and the facial plastic surgery and reconstructive techniques used to correct the trauma.