Reconstruction of the Eyelid

Reconstruction of the EyelidThe main goal of eyelid reconstruction following the removal of skin cancer is to maintain the integrity, function (blinking and eye protection) by placing the incisions along the eyelid lines. Following Mohs surgery on the eyelids, the patient will either have a defect of the skin, skin and muscle, or skin, muscle and the internal lining.

Ways of reconstructing eyelid defects include:

  • Primary Closure (suture the wound)
  • Local Flaps (using skin from the area adjacent to the defect)

Your physician will choose the type of reconstruction based on the location, size and depth of the skin defect. In addition, the patient’s goals with the reconstruction (simplicity of the reconstructive process versus the best cosmetic outcome possible), the patient’s health status and past medical problems will also be important in the decision-making.